Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

Chauvinisme among Indonesian Football Supporters

The qualification match in AFC Cup tournament in Saturday (12/10) confronts U-19 Indonesia Team against its counterpart from Ginseng country, South Korea. The score is 3-2 for Indonesia. Rainfalls force both teams to play on “wet soil”. Winning euphoria lasts for long. Many Indonesian must be proud for the struggle of Evan Dimas and friends for this winning. The match is so glorious and therefore, it is not surprising if the match of both countries has been broadcasted in various media, including printed or online and has been talked widely throughout social media such as Twitter and Facebook. During the match, Twitter’s timeline is filled by many public responses to this match. In average, the guest, South Korea is given negative response but the prejudice is not about football but about South Korea’s boy bands. What is exactly the connection of football and boy bands?
Hallyu or Korean Wave has penetrated world market, including Indonesia. Many countries in Europe and United States have adored K-Pop. Indonesia teens, mainly girls, are crazy about anything related of Korea. It is not mistake if the match against South Korea is something with popular culture value, and it must be emotional for anyone who stays against or dislikes Korean Wave. It seems that too often Korean artists perform their concert in Indonesia. Some people think that they are the destructor of Indonesia culture value. If Korean names are heard, the statements came out are oplas, pretty boys, shemales, and others.
Not surprisingly, the footballers in the match are not seriously discussed, but the emphasis stands for Korea’s boy bands. The following statements are spread out in Twitter’s timeline (account is confidential):
“Korea is about boy bands, football is only a game”.
“Korea deserves to loss for they play shaky”.
“Hay, can shemale play ball?”
“Korea losses, do you still like K-POP?”
Many K-POP lovers are embarrassed with these responses because these ball supporters’ words are definitely not reasonable. K-POP lovers reply with such responses:
"I LOVE TIMNAS U-19 and INDONESIA, but Chauvinism is not necessary, is it?”
          “This is football, why boy bands matter? Footballer and boy bands are different”.
          “I hate to see Indonesia against Korea because people judge it with K-POP”.
          “Ball supporters must forget if they use Samsung to send their tweets”.
During the match, many Indonesia supporters shout their nationalism. But, it is a true nationalism, but chauvinism. “Nationalism” is only “mask” to disguise their hate for chauvinism by yelling for their own country but disrespecting other country. Some supporters do not introspect themselves because they proud of themselves when Indonesia team wins, but they act averagely when Indonesia team losses or even they scorn the team so much.
          Nationalisme with high level of fake is actually shown since the visiting of British football clubs to Indonesia. Take Arsenal or Liverpool for instance. The majority of Indonesia supporters are the fans of these clubs. They scream happily to see their favorite clubs during the match although the opponent is actually the national team. Is it nationalism?

          I am standing here not to disgrace Indonesia supporters, but let me to invite you into a reflection, are we good enough? Respect our nation and respect other nation. International match will not be so appropriate if we just insult and disrespect other nation. We all know that the nation is greatly advanced than our nation. So, keep calm and just support the competition.

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