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Cognitive development adolescent
perspective piaget ( in theory ), cognitive development adolescent be in stage operational, formal thought characteristics: 1. Think abstract: the thinking not only limited experience & ampères. 2; real concrete. Think deductively: conclude, hypothetical analyzes and make sintesa-sintesa various problems by means of a systematic & amp; logically. 3. Contrary to reason logically: no sense / 4. Idealistic widely: think about ideal characteristics; mis, things yourself others, situation, etc. ; & amp; remaja often compare themselves with idyilic and often find that the gaps between the world idealitasnya with reality. Gaps inflict disappointment in adolescents and adakalanya responded by committing acts of risky. 5. Objectively
stage think operational formal divided into 2 sub-division stage: 1. Stage operational formal the beginning: happened many assimilation ( combining a new information into knowledge are owned ) in the thought process, world so often dipersepsi in an individualistic manner or idealistic. World reality forced to bow in a scheme idealitas remaja ( indication egosentrisme remaja ). 2. Stage operational formal end: test results penalarannya on reality & amp; much do accommodations ( adapt itself with information inceptive ) in the thought process & amp; # 8594; teen menjdi more objective.
Adolescents often want to understand the nature of egosentrisme that cannot be defeated by anyone, in taking problem remaja never thought long, in this phase it remaja very often got conflict especially with the parents, and there also will determine his personality when mature.

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