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recognize Autism

recognize Autism
There are so many definitions circulating about what is Autism . But in general , Autism , is a developmental disorder particularly common in childhood , which makes a person unable to conduct social interaction and as if living in his own world . In children commonly called Infantile Autism .
Schizophrenia is also a disorder that makes people pull away from the outside world and create his own fantasy world : talk , laugh , cry , and get angry yourself .
But there is a clear distinction between the cause of autism in people with schizophrenia and infantile autism . Schizophrenia is caused by a process of regression due to mental illness , whereas in children with infantile autism there is a failure of development .
Infantile autism symptoms occurred before the child reaches the age of 3 years . In most children , the symptoms had been there since birth . A mother who is very closely monitoring the development of their children are going to see some anomalies before his son reached the age of 1 year . That really stands out is the absence or the very lack of eye contact .
To check whether a child has autism or not , to use international standards on autism . ICD - 10 ( International Classification of Diseases ) 1993 and DSM - IV ( Diagnostic and Statistical Manual ) in 1994 to formulate criteria for the diagnosis of Infantile Autism with the same content , which is now used throughout the world . These criteria are :
There must be at least 6 symptoms of ( 1 ) , ( 2 ) , and ( 3 ) , with at least 2 symptoms of ( 1 ) and each 1 symptom of ( 2 ) and ( 3 ) .
( 1 ) Qualitative Disorders in reciprocal social interaction . There must be at least 2 of the following symptoms :

Unable to establish adequate social interaction : eye contact is less , less lively facial expressions , gestures are less directed

Can not play with peers

There was no empathy ( can not feel what another person )

Less able to organize social relationships and emotional reciprocity
( 2 ) qualitative in the field of communication disorders . There must be at least 1 of the following symptoms :

Delayed speech development or not at all developed . Children are not trying to communicate non - verbally

When a child can talk , then do not use speech to communicate

Often use strange language and repeated

How to play less varied , less imaginative and less able to replicate
( 3 ) The existence of a pattern of sustained and repetitive behavior , interests , and activities . There must be at least 1 of the following symptoms :

Maintain one or more interest in a very distinctive and redundant

Fixated on a ritualistic activities or routines that are not any good

There are strange movements are typical and are repeated

Often very impressed on the parts of objects
Before the age of 3 years seems a delay or interruption in the field ( 1 ) social interaction , ( 2 ) speech and language , and ( 3 ) how to play the monotony , less varied .
Not caused by Rett syndrome or Childhood disintegrative disorder .
But there is always the possibility of misdiagnosis , especially in mild autism . This is usually caused by a disturbance or other diseases that accompany autism disorders that exist , such as severe mental retardation or hyperactivity .
Autism has the possibility to be cured , depending on the severity of the disorder there . Based on recent news , in Indonesia there are 2 people with autism are successfully treated , and is now able to live a normal and achievement . In America , where people with autism be treated more seriously , a greater percentage of healing .

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