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Pros and Cons of Video Game Effects

Pros and cons have appeared related to the influence of video game players . Parties pro states that video games have positive potential if explored will benefit thinking skills , health and personality aspects . But the counter- parties also saw the potential negative aspects of video games on aggression , health and achievement . Therefore, educators need to begin to consider video games to be one of learning media , well aware of his weakness .

Of several studies found that playing video games can improve players' ability to think . An experiment found that by playing action video games can stimulate change some sensory abilities , perceptual and attention , in spatial ability . Other studies have found that game players have better skills than non - players in determining whether a stimulus visual / auditory appear simultaneously or not . From a study of elderly people found that seniors who play sports simulation video games show increased executive control abilities and the tasks that require information processing speed .

In addition to having an influence on the thinking aspect , video games also have influence in the world of health . From the study of the elderly found that they were more obedient to run training provided through sports simulation game and is willing to do the training activity , because the task is played through video game ( using the Wii console ) is more fun than video games that use passive or treadmill exercise . Other studies have found that video games can improve the quality of health care by increasing the ability of doctors to dissect and currently serve patients . Moreover , video games can also increase patient participation in knowing the disease , increasing knowledge about their disease and improve patient compliance in treatment .

In addition to the field of cognitive and health , video games also have an influence on aspects of personality . A study found that playing video games has a relationship with the high persistence at tasks . Increased persistence will help increase motivation in learning activities . With another study that found that video games with prosocial charge increases prosocial behavior players . Examples of such behavior helps experimenter took the pencil fall , wants to help and be helped next experiment experimenter who is being bullied .

In contrast , the counter -party state that video games bring more harm to the players , such as violence , aggression , negative views of women or social isolation . Another impact of video games is related to cardiovascular activity , where gamers will reduce physical fitness if replacing the sporting activities with game playing . The next impact , video games stimulate seizures , as a result of looking at the screen too close while playing . The third impact is nintendinitis , the pain in the right thumb extensor tendon caused by pressing the video game repeatedly . The fourth is the impact of a pathological preoccupation with video games , where a person playing the game to run away from the problems at hand . Final impact is increased aggressive behavior and decrease prosocial behavior , although both are still being debated .

Other studies have found a negative relationship between playing video games and index performance , or value . That is, the longer the play , the lower the GPA , or vice versa . Students who watched her play also tend to have a low GPA . The players also have a tendency to play video games to avoid schoolwork . In addition , several other studies have shown that that video games containing violence increase and decrease behavior agresisivitas helpful in children and young adults .

From the various results of a study evaluating the effect of video games , there is no doubt that video games have a positive potential to be used in a learning situation . But nonetheless , educators or curriculum -makers need to consider some of the results of studies showing the negative effects of video games , when designing learning . By doing so , the potential of video games can be mitigated negative and positive potential can be maximized .


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