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In everyday life we ​​definitely will be confronted by competition from out of school, business, etc. Without competition there is no success anyway, because of the competition it is no such thing as motivation for success. RS Wood worth (Efendi, 1983:71-73) conducted experiment on the motivation, the result is one of competition (competition).

Motivation itself is a human impulse that makes it do something to make a change. Ex: a child who is lazy to learn, but it turns out he promised his parents a gift, so to get a gift this child will try and learn in earnest. He made the gift as motivation (reason) he studied.

Can be concluded that the motivation is encouragement in a person to achieve success through intense competitions. Motivation was born not only of speech motivator, but motivation may appear to everyone who has a strong embroidery. Motivation will grow along with the awareness of one's self to change themselves for the better. Factors that affect one's motivation occurs largely in the medium community, to achieve success. Motivation not only leads to success, there are also some in the community who are motivated in negative terms, such as dilator background by revenge etc..

But with high motivation and strong embroidery all that difficult any will be easy and will definitely end in happiness.

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