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Split personality
The breakdown of personality or often called also double, personality or is also known as the alter the ego. Constituting a state in which the personality of an individual fragmented to the extent appear personality another. Personality it is usually is an expression of primary personalities that arises because personal no major can realize of things to do. In the language more simple to be said that there was one person having more than one private or having two personal at once. Sometimes the patient don ' t know that he has dual personality, two personal existing in one body is also not know each other and worsen again sometimes two personal was totally contrast its nature.
However, there are cases where two healing personal or more that exists in this body know each other, and they synchronise or harmonize mindset, of the nature of, and their objectives so that they are able to divide everything that is in their lives in agreement or of certain conditions that they make them sendiri.dengan so they are able to lead normal lives can even control a buy-out badan over their desire sendiri.penderita who have been doing sync with him the other one will look like normal people righteously.
Moreover, patients who have been doing synchronization when viewed from without will look like a guy who has a lot of expertise this is because the personality of the patient the others have and expertise vidual, the nature of so that when the personality native can ' t do things that you can do other, personalities he will exchange with personality who is expert in it to diandalakan in resolving the matter. For example, if any cases where a student of jesting double should be conducted a presentation material in front of kelas.kepribadian native this student had the nature of nervous if to people crowded that makes it bad in the presentation and by chance his personality another have the nature of bold and believe diri.dalam the state of this when it has synchronise the personality native will exchange with personality who believe themselves to finish this presentation to be done.

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