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Smart kid like Einstein

Smart kid like Einstein ; Application in child psychology
Until now , it's hard to decipher what is meant by intelligence because termnya so complex . Intelligence is not limited to only the measured intelligence of school children's ability to learn to read , count , or drawing . More than that . Intelligence is the ability to think on a higher level , which includes ; concept formation , problem solving , creativity , memory , perception , and much more .
There are a number of cognitive abilities or intelligence describes the ability to think that child psychology , among others : the ability to classify patterns , the ability to modify behavior to be more adaptive , ability to perform deductive reasoning , inductive reasoning ability to perform , the ability to develop concepts , and the ability to understand or see the link at the amount of information . All this is very useful to build a better child psychology appropriate growth and development .
In the development of child psychology , one capability that is widely recognized by the parents is the ability to think in mathematical reasoning , as it is owned by Albert Einstein . Intelligence of child psychology in this area is believed to represent the intelligence of child psychology in other areas . Develop intelligence in the child psychology do berpkir logical abilities will improve child psychology in general intelligence , although parents can actually develop logical thinking skills that no other children , such as logical thinking in analyzing problems in a story , in a picture or beams , in a movement dance or gymnastics , in a rhythm tracks , and much more .
Intelligence of child psychology is more advanced thinking skills . In order to improve the intelligence of child psychology , my father also needs to also learn to understand the stages of child development and the psychology of thinking skills at each stage of the child's age .
Status Child Cognitive Development , Role of Fathers in Development , and its influence on child psychology .
Jean Piaget formulated on the stage of development of cognitive abilities in children . According to him , the ability to think on children changed for each stage of growth and development and has a particular emphasis on capabilities .

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