Senin, 21 Oktober 2013


Issues that often arise in the life of this lot is caused by the inability of someone in control of themselves. A brawl between students, taking someone else's property rights (stealing, robbing, corruption), vandalism, abuse of illegal drugs and free sex is a great example of a behavior that occurs because of an inability in controlling themselves.

According to the dictionary of Psychology (Chaplin, 2002), the definition of self control or self control is an individual's ability to drive his own fiercely assemble, guide, organize and direct forms of behaviour that can bring positive consequences towards the individual and the ability to suppress or inhibits impulses there. Goldfried Merbaum, defines and self control as an ability to.

my opinion self control is an attitude that seeks to change to be a positive thing, where previously he wanted to act or be a negative. If the religion of God tells us to always do good deeds menjahui and ugly. humans can control herself not based on age. so when someone can memepersepsikan something then he can already control the environment and parenting parents also have an effect on a person's ability to control himself.

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