Senin, 21 Oktober 2013



daydream is one of the regular activities if there is no activity whatsoever. Usually people who daydream was caused by upset, sad, forgotten, could have been as happy. Daydreaming can also be said to dream without sleeping, not meaningfull with dreams in his sleep. But it is a dreamy fantasy building when awakened, and usually people who romanticize it to imagine (fantasize) about the problems that he faced at this time. Daydreaming it is an activity which is weird because they keep the brain active while daydreaming.

In fact, daydreaming may be the only time when this area active stimulant, this suggests that daydreaming could lead to new insights into the problems we are experiencing (fleck et al., 2008; kounios et al., 2008)

Biyasanya not the only problem we experienced alone but can also daydream about the shadow of the future. The place used to daydream usually comfortable and peaceful place according eg under trees, beaches, etc are identic with solitude. Most people who romanticize do during the day and at night, either intentionally or unintentionally daydreaming. People who mostly daydreaming (love) will result in sequestration of time to activities for the things in vain, not even get to solve their own problems, and encourage individuals to imagine things that are scary. So do not use your time to daydream but just take your time to worthwhile activities yes.,.,.,., Ok!

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