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Effect of Music on Children

      Research shows that music , especially classical music greatly influenced the development of IQ ( Intelligent Quotien ) and EQ ( Emotional Quotien ) . A child who used to listen to music since childhood will be more developed emotional intelligence and intelligence compared with children who rarely listen to music . The meaning of the music here is music that has a regular rhythm and the tones are regular , not the notes "tilt " . Level of discipline children often listen to music is also better than the children who rarely listen to music .Grace Sudargo , a musician and educator says , " Fundamentals of classical music is generally derived from the rhythm of the human pulse so that it plays a major role in brain development , the formation of the soul , the character , even the human body " .
Research shows , classical music compositions containing the tone fluctuates between high tones and low tones will stimulate quadrant C in the brain . Until the age of 4 years , quadrants B and C in the brains of children will grow up to 80 % with music .
     " Music really affect people's lives . Musical has 3 important parts of beat, rhythm , and harmony ," said Ev . Andrew Walker in a lecture music . " Beat affect the body , affecting the rhythm of the soul , while the harmony affect the spirit " . The most obvious example that greatly affects the body is beat in a rock concert . There can be no spectators or players in a rock concert that his body did not move . Everything rocked with a vengeance , and even tend to loose control . We still remember the " head banger " , a twisting movement heads to the rhythm of loud rock music . And as if the body was followed without feeling tired . If our hearts are hard, try listening to beautiful music , which has a rhythm ( rhythm ) is regular . Feeling we will be more comfortable and easy . Even abroad , the hospital play many beautiful songs to help cure his patients . It is a proof , that greatly affects the rhythm of the human soul . While greatly affect the spirit of harmony . If we watch a horror movie , always sounding harmony ( melody ) heart-wrenching , hair-raising which we stand . In religious rituals are also widely used human spirit that brings harmony into nature worship . In meditation , people hear the harmony of the sounds of nature around him . " Music is good for human life is music that balanced between beat, rhythm , and harmony ," said Ev . Andrew Walker .
      A biophysicist has conducted an experiment on the effect of music for the survival of living beings . Two plants of the same species and age put at different places . Which one is placed near the speakers ( speaker ) that presents the songs slow rock and heavy rock , while the other plants placed near the speakers that play beautiful songs and rhythmic regularly . Occurred within a few days a very noticeable difference . Plants that were near the speakers rock songs to wither and die , while the plants were near the speakers beautiful songs grow fresh and flowering . A proof that music really affects our life .
The universe was created with a very beautiful natural music . Roar of the waves in the sea , the wind in the mountains , and the rain is a very beautiful natural music . And has been proven , how music influences the nature of human life .
Wulaningrum Wibisono , S.Psi said , "If you feel so heavy today , please check again your life today . Lest you have not been listening to music and singing ."


Erikson, E.H. Identity and  the life cycle: Psichological issues Monographs. New York: International Universities Press, 1967

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