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Sigmund Freud is widely known for his psycho sexual stages of development. He believed that if
these stages were not completed, a fixation would develop. According to Freud, oral fixations,
such as thumb sucking, gum chewing, and smoking, were the result of an uncompleted oral
stage. We believed that earliest form of oral pleasure, breastfeeding, would have a connection
with an oral fixation that can occur later in life (smoking). We hypothesized that the duration of
breastfeeding, whether too long or too short would have some kind of effect with the incidence
of smoking later in life.

‘Oral receptive’ is brought on by too much nursing whereas ‘oral aggressive is brought on by not enough nursing and/or by early weaning. Oral receptive people are often cheerful, unrealistically optimistic and very self-centered yet can’t bear the disapproval of others. Through the defence mechanism of sublimation, they may show an interest in languages, be a compulsive talker and be good at ventriloquism. The language used to describe overly-dependent people may reflect their orality - eg: ‘leech’. Very gullible people may be called ‘suckers’.
‘Oral aggressive’ people are often perceived as greedy and acquisitive, envious, pessimistic, cynical, sarcastic, scornful and contemptuous.
Orally-fixated people often seek gratification through smoking, thumb-sucking, nail-biting and chewing objects like pens and pencils. A predilection for oral sex is also seen as an indication of an oral personality.

smoking is not good for our health and we must keep health of our family and environment. maybe opinion Sigmund Freud it's true because it's reasonable

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