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The Mood Disorders Expectant Mother

The Mood Disorders Expectant Mother

" During pregnancy , it is normal for expectant mothers experience mood swings , emotions and moods are fluctuating up and down . The majority of pregnant women experience it , it's just that there is light , and there was extreme . The cause internally , and hormonal changes in the body of pregnant women , "said Dra . Risa Kolopaking , MSi . , Psychologist at RSIA Hermina Bekasi . In addition of course there are also psychological factors can trigger .
Although mood swings are common to most pregnant women , but 1 of the 10 ibuhamil who experience it , can experience extreme fluctuations and experiencing significant problems , so says an Australian magazine .
Here are some signs that need to be observed :

Unwanted pregnancy
risk pregnancies
Spacing pregnancies that are too close
history of miscarriage
Normal pregnancy but had their first child experience severe pain or experience first parenting difficult
You are not alone . Is it true that more and more mothers knew and critically with the various developments , the prevalence of pre - baby blues bigger ? " I have found no studies that relates to this, but from my experience in the field , the more I found . Interestingly , the typical urban mothers . Therefore, the received wisdom mothers before and during pregnancy are many but unfortunately not a whole number , "said Risa .

As a result of having a lot of knowledge , increased maternal awareness . But without full information , awareness is a good thing that initially turned cause " pressure " on the mother herself . Mother wants her child to receive appropriate stimulation , free from diseases , like everything's perfect . " It's like this , the mother should be a lot of discussions with people who are experts in their fields , in order to complete picture . If it concerns a child's illness , Talk with your pediatrician , ask the experts about nutrition nutrition and so on , " continued the mother that was forged by the experience of pregnancy and raising 3 sons and daughters .

Although the mother did not notice any changes even when the volatile emotions that have accumulated into a depression , every father and mother should accept the fact that the changes experienced by pregnant women , is not only a physical change . Mood swing is the change in the level of general psychological experienced by most pregnant women . You and your partner does not need to exaggerate these problems , but this phenomenon can not be ignored .

The first trimester , when massive changes , expectant mothers experience morning sickness accompanied by mood swings quite striking . Entering the second trimester , mothers usually have started to adapt . Trimester three , about gestational age 7-8 months , severe mood swings can be attacked by the mother .

" Some pregnant women , it has only experienced mood swing in the last trimester . Among other things, because of physical fatigue reaches its peak, it was like " boils " were going to explode . In addition , there are also the boredom of the physical condition of the all this uncomfortable . If ibuhamil fills her days with activities that could distract him from this condition , severe mood swing can be avoided , even minimized , "said Risa .

Have a stock of knowledge that many apparently not enough . Learn to accept to recognize and adapt to changing is the key to success being a new mom and dad . Not already aware of it? ! No need to feel guilty . Whatever your experience so transformed parent is " teacher " best for you and your baby .iwa , the most severe levels of emotional and psychological fluctuations ibuhamil is referred to as pre - baby blues symptoms or mood disorder , which when accumulated can become depressed . Not just because it has characteristics similar to the baby blues , which is experienced by women after giving birth . This term also refers to the findings of the psychiatrist , if not detected early and dealt with thoroughly , could be a " root " of the baby blues or postpartum depression .
Encourage mothers . " As long as the mother gets enough support from the people around , feel happier , have a positive view of pregnancy , accompanied by people who have a positive perception of the pregnancy , the husband also gives calmness , attention and affection , he will survive . That should never be forgotten : nutrient intake and rest, "said developmental psychologist who is completing studies in the field of nutrition S3 Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia.
Short , long . How do I differentiate normal mood swing to depression pregnancy ? Of mothers and fathers need to carefully read some signs . If you are having a gray day mood or anxiety , do not worry too much . This level is still normal . But if you are experiencing more than a week and even a couple of weeks and could not control myself , come looking for help .
Risa checklist revealed a " red alert " that must be observed mothers and fathers , the following :

mother could not concentrate , remember , or make decisions
interferes with work and daily activities
intrusive mothers relationship with the people around
mother could not take care of yourself, your family and children ( if the second pregnancy )
conditions threaten the safety of the fetus expectant mothers ( eg , refusing to eat , or overeating , until the urge to commit suicide )
Find relief . Assistance can be obtained from a gynecologist , psychologist and , where appropriate, consultation with a psychiatrist mother can . Are usually consultations with a psychologist is enough . Of a psychologist , the mother can get behavioral guidance , perspective and advice that can soothe that feeling positive mother . The difference, consultation with a psychiatrist , in addition to advice , if necessary , the mother will receive a low dose of antidepressants in depressed mothers in order to control but not harm the fetus .

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