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Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder and medical conditions that affect the functioning of the human brain , affecting the normal functioning of the cognitive , emotional and behavioral . He is the most prevalent psychiatric disorder with psychotic features of affective loss of feeling or emotional response and withdrew from normal interpersonal relationships . Often followed by delusions ( false beliefs ) and hallucinations ( perception without sensory stimuli ) .

Type Schizophrenia

Paranoid schizophrenia
Type of schizophrenia in which sufferers experience delusions about shadows and control of others and also delusion that makes people believe that he is a figure of the ( God , Angels , Prophets, etc. ) .
Schizophrenia Disorders
Type of schizophrenia that are characterized primarily by the disruption and disorder in the mind . A person suffering from schizophrenia often show signs of emotion and expression that are not appropriate to the situation . Hallucinations and delusions are symptoms frequently experienced symptoms for people who mederita this type of schizophrenia .
Catatonic schizophrenia
Type of schizophrenia is characterized by motor disorders , including extreme excitement and fainting . people who suffer from this form of schizophrenia would show negative symptoms : catatonic posture and flexibility as wax that can be maintained in the long down time ( negtivisme ) .
Schizophrenia diferntiatif
Type of schizophrenia in which patients with the disease have delusions , hallucinations and disorganized behavior but does not meet the criteria for paranoid schizophrenia , disorganized , or catatonic .
Schizophrenia rest
Will rest in the diagnosis of schizophrenia when epsiode of at least one of the four other types of schizophrenia that has occurred . But schizophrenia does not have a prominent positive symptoms .


Neurobiological influences There are several theories about the cause Skizorenia neurogiologis influence . One is an imbalance in dopamine , which is one of the chemicals in the brain cells .
On patients , found decreased levels of transtiretin or pre - albumin which is the bearer of the hormone thyroxine , which causes problems in the cerebrospinal zalir .
Schizophrenia can be about anyone . Data from the American Psychiatric Association ( APA ) in 1995 mentions 1 % of world population suffers from schizophrenia .
75 % of patients with schizophrenia begin to have it at the age of 16-25 years . [ 8 ] Age is youth and young adults at high risk for this life stage full of stressors . Condition of the patient is often too late realized the family and the environment because it is considered as part of the adjustment phase .
Introduction and early intervention in the form of medication and psychosocial very important because the longer he is not treated , the possibility of more frequent recurrence and resistance to therapy efforts stronger. A person experiencing schizophrenia symptoms should be immediately taken to a psychiatrist and psychologist .


Indicator of premorbid ( pre - hospital ) pre - schizophrenia , among others
1.ketidakmampuan someone expressing emotion : a cold face , rarely smiling , indifferent ( flat affect )
2.Penyimpangan communication : patient focused talks tough , sometimes distorted ( tanjential ) or spinning ( sirkumstantial ) .
3.Gangguan attention : the patient is not able to focus , sustain , or move attention ( attention ) .
4.Gangguan behavior : a shy, introverted , socially withdrawn , could not enjoy the taste of fun , challenging for no apparent reason , disruptive and undisciplined .

The symptoms of schizophrenia can generally be divided into two classes :
1 . Positive symptoms
Including hallucinations , delusions , disordered thinking ( cognitive ) . These symptoms are called positive because it is a clear manifestation that can be observed by others .
2 . Negative symptoms
Symptoms is called negative because it is a loss of the typical or normal functioning person . Including less or not able to show / express emotion on the face and behavior , lack of urge to move , unable to enjoy the activities and the lack of ability that endeared speech ( alogia ) .

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