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Being Yourself Seen From the Side Psychological

Imagine yourself buying a new car . What do you feel ? Happy and unhappy ? Now imagine you managed to do something which has always really wanted to do . As in, get the job you desire , reach the top of a mountain you want to climb first , or successfully make a perfect recipe . What do you feel ? Happy and unhappy ? Are there differences in feelings of pleasure and happy in both the shadows ?

Since ancient Greece , Aristotle already feel that there are other happiness than the happiness that just gives a sense of pleasure , such as buying a new car , feel the pleasure hangover after drinking alcohol , having sex and others. If Aristotle called happiness is the cause of pleasure as Hedonic happiness , Aristotle called happiness " other " as Eudaimonic happiness , which is when a person feels his life has run potential to the fullest .

Eudamonic happiness , according to Aristotle , happiness is not empty or missing after the source of happiness that is not visible to the eye or not felt by the sense of taste . For example , a wonderful relationship with someone can bring a smile to our faces , even when the person is away in the country side , or even died .

According to Aristotle , happiness is more Eudaimonic psychiatric , thus making life more prosperous one . Just look at the example above , the feeling when we won the ideals which we have long dreamed of is certainly more valuable than a new car , right ? Researchers in this modern era of Aristotle agrees explanation .

Three researchers from the United States ( Michael Steger , Todd Kashdan , and Oishi Shigehiro ) proves the words of Aristotle . They find that in life , people will find happiness or happiness Eudamonic Hedonist . But only happiness Eudamonic associated with mental well-being ( psychological well - being) . They found that after undergoing Eudamonic happiness , people feel more satisfying life , feeling that her life has meaning , and feel more positive emotions .

One way to achieve happiness Eudamonic is to be yourself . As an illustration , imagine an accountant who feels that he is more than happy to be a painter . Of course he would feel happier if he switched professions to become a painter ( or at least get the opportunity to participate in a weekend tutoring painting ) . Or another example , a wife who feels guilty because she was attracted to his co-workers at the office . This guilt ( which inhibits the feeling of happiness ) can be eliminated by accepting the fact that she is attracted to someone other than her husband , and it 's okay as long as he's not having an affair with that person .

Being yourself does require effort and courage . We must be willing to listen and accept our darkest thoughts . We should also try to follow our deepest desires ( eg , a man who wants a sex change because he felt that his soul is a woman ) despite pressure from the family or the environment around us . Being yourself does have its own risks . However , in this era of more open , now is the time most conducive to trying to be yourself , so you psychologically happy and prosperous .

Ways to Become Ourselves
1 . reading the novel
Reading the novel provides an opportunity for you to see other points of view . May , by exploring a different perspective from your point of view , instead you will find a more suitable perspective with you.

2 . meditation
In addition to being an opportunity to listen to the voices within you , meditation can give you happiness that does not depend on the results of your work . By knowing the pure happiness , you can find out what really makes you happy .

3 . Choose what you want
Do not let your environment dictate . Decide what you want , and do it . Once in a while do not even think too much about your decision .

4 . Relating to others
Found that other people want ( and have ) to live as they wish .

5 . Revel in accordance with who you are
Sports or chatting aimlessly with your friends at the cafe might be a good idea ( if you like ) .

6 . accept defeat
Do not let failures add to your unhappiness . Accept failure proven to reduce a sense of disappointment .

Erwin Eka F.P. 2011.Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist ,Bentang Pustaka :Yogyakarta 

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