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ulil doll phobia

Ø What is the initial cause of the phobia?

When he was little he was in telling a tale, the tale is told about the little boy who was playing with her ​​doll, the doll is stuffed cucumber. The doll suddenly turned into a doll ulil, ulil doll is attached to his body and would not let go. Ulil doll it would come off unless he was taken to the taro tree because there is a place of residence. It was one tale that to this day continues to haunt him.

Ø What is the link to the pattern recognition Phobia ?Pattern recognition ( pattern recognition ) involves a day-to- day complex interactions between sensation , perception , memory , and cognitive search in order to pattern recognition . No matter how complicated the process of recognition of an object , in fact the process is completed less than a second . ( Solso : 2007) .When he is told about a little fairy tale ulil doll , doll story ulil is received through the senses of hearing ( sensation ) , after he listened to the stories he interpret that ulil was creepy , funny, and very scary ( perception ) . The meaning then stored in the memory of his brain into the long -term memory (long term memory ) .Ø Why do so into the long term memory ?Stimulus that is easy to remember and can directly enter into long-term memory (long term memory ) is when we engage the emotions , there are three , namely : Fun , grief / fear , and pesonal . Ulil doll is a scary thing for him , so terrifying events in his childhood has been stored in his brain until he became a great and long-term memory .Ø Is there a template matching to do also with a phobia ?Template matching is the idea that the experience of a lifetime we have established a large number of templates , and each template associated with a specific meaning . People who already have a template of a form in the memory , to recognize living by comparing / matching emphasis on tangible form , exact / match . ( Solso : 2007)

Kiki on his childhood experiences have formed a large number of templates and already has a specific meaning in the memory. Kiki has ulil it make sense that the doll is a very scary thing then when he later saw the doll ulil then he would be terrified. Because he was often at his friends trap using ulil doll so he tried to change that perception. He talked with me this time he's trying to change the perception that initially interpret ulil scary doll puppet became commonplace and not scary. But even if he had tried, when he was in his trap again then he returned hysterical fear. Why? Because perceptions about ulil doll is a scary doll that had formed in his brain, so even though he tried to fight it can not be changed.

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