Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013


The Sense Of Confidence. In slang, pede we mean is confident. Everyone actually had a problem with this one. There are people who feel has lost its sense of self-confidence in almost the entire area of his life. May be associated with the crisis, depression, lost control, feel helpless stared at the sunny side of the future, and others. There are also people who feel not confident with the pede/what it does or what it practiced.

According to the Thantaway in the dictionary the term guidance and Counseling (2005: 87), is confident of mental or psychological condition of a person who gives a strong belief in herself to do or do something action. People who are not confident have self concept of negative, lacking confidence in its ability, because it's often just shut down.

more easy confidence is a mental owned an individual in shaping the characters on him. give a positive value to himself though in the eyes of others is negative. a confident person is one who is able to convince and demonstrate to him in front of other people that he has the advantages that not everyone has. but keep in notice excessive confidence may also make other people will feel uncomfortable with our behaviour.

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