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Anxiety the preformance of perspective psychology
Maramis ( 1995 ) declaring that anxiety is a tension, guess not safe, concern, that arises because of perceived will experience occurrence unpleasant.
Lazarus ( 1991 ) declaring that anxiety is a reaction individual against blueprint hand. Anxiety is a feeling painful, as feeze, confusion, and so on relating to subjective aspect emotion. Anxiety a symptom the usual at this point therefore along travel human life, starting from birth to death, qualm often there.
Cause of the anxiety hard to diperkiraan well. It is caused by the presence of the nature of subyekif of anxiety; that is, that case a similar not necessarily perceived same also on everyone. In other words a stimulation or occurrence to quality den the same quantity can diinterprestasikan differently between individuals who are with each other.
While based on source onset angsty, freud ( in calvin s. Hall, 1993 ) distinguish anxiety be 3 kinds, namely: a. neurotic anxiety , namely anxiety closely associated with mechanism self-defense, and also caused by the guilt or sin and emotional conflicts seriously, frustrated, tensions and inner; b. anxiety of moral conscience / super ego , namely the fear of conscience, in the past tense personal ever break norm moral and can in law again, e.g. afraid to do the deed who violates the traditions; c. realistic anxiety , namely the fear of bahaya-bahaya real in the outside world, e.g. afraid of poisonous snakes.
anxiety actually a reaction normal to situation who suppresses. But in some cases, being superfluous and can cause someone irrational fears against something. Anxiety different from phobia ( phobia ), having no specific to a particular situation. Anxiety can attack anyone, any time with or without any reason.

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