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Split personality or multiple personality often called, or also better known as his alter ego . Is a situation in which an individual 's personality split personality so it appears others . Personality is usually an expression of the main personalities who emerged as major private can not realize the things you want to do . In simple terms it can be said that there is one person who has personally had more than one or two persons at once . Sometimes the patient does not know that he has a split personality , two persons present in the body is also not know each other and worse sometimes his two contradictory nature .
However , there are cases where two personal healing or more are present in the body to know each other , and they synchronize or harmonize mindset , nature , and their goals so that they are able to share everything in their lives with the agreement or certain conditions that they themselves. With make so they are able to live normal lives even in control of taking over the bodies they desire by themselves. Struggle is already synchronize with him the other one will look like a normal person should .
Moreover patients who already sync when viewed from the outside will look like someone who has a lot of expertise , this is because the personality of the patient who otherwise has its own characteristics and skills , so that when the original personality can not do things that could be done other personalities , he will exchange with personalities who are experts at it in relying in completing it
For example, if there are cases in which a student had to do a double personality presentation of material in front of the student 's original class. Personally have the nature of nervous when in front of people crowded in the presentation that makes it worse , and by chance another personality trait to have brave and believe the state of self. With  when it synchronizes the original personality will exchange with a confident personality to finish the presentation to be done .

Or the circumstances in which the patient has a math test, the patient will certainly discuss with other personality who is more able to do the problems these calculations.

according to me, personality is point from psychology. so this knowledge is important to studing.

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