Senin, 21 Oktober 2013



Certainly often have we forgotten why we could forget ? ? ? , Underlying many possibilities we forget one of them is not so concerned , it could be pristiwa it was not important and was not even on our personal concerns . Usually people remember it as dangerous , sad , or happy . In addition it can also be caused by a forgotten memory decay) .

Decay is the loss of information because it is not used . This explanation for the phenomenon of forgetting assume that the trace memory , the physical changes that occur in brain when new material is learned, will disappear over time ( Grann , 2007 ) . So when we get a new knowledge - the knowledge of the old knowledge that was never in use will memory decay ( decay ) . URLs are composed of a stack of books the book on the basis of the arrangement will be damaged due to a growing pile of books .

That ordinary people are experiencing is due Forgot dependence on sign , depending on the sign that we remember . For example : we forgot to put the key , until we go about our daily activities , when we remember we will search our memory and recall . Start of hold the key to the present but still not remember it because of the new memory is mixed with a long memory , the event is a decaying memory trace .

But it helps us to forget , because forgetting is a gift given by God to his servant . Imagine if we did not forget , for sure we will have psikophenim because too much memory that we get .

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