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recognize Schizophrenia

recognize Schizophrenia
Although an exact definition of Schizophrenia is always a debate to experts , there are indications that more evident that schizophrenia is a disorder that occurs in brain function . In the book The Broken Brain : The Biological Revolution in Psychiatry by Dr. . Nancy Andreasen , said that the current evidence about the attack Schizophrenia is a matter that involves many factors . These factors include changes in the physical structure of the brain , changes in the chemical structure of the brain , and genetic factors .
Inside there are billions of brain cell connections . Each cell line as well as a place to continue to receive messages from other cell connection . The cell connection releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters that carry messages from one cell line end to end connection to another cell . In the brain that develop schizophrenia , there is a fault or damage to the communications system .
For families with schizophrenia in it , will understand clearly what is experienced by patients with schizophrenia by comparing the brain with the phone . In the normal person , the system switches to work with a normal brain . Perceptual signals that come shipped back perfectly without any interference resulting in feelings , thoughts , and ultimately act upon the needs of the moment . In the brains of patients with schizophrenia , the signals are transmitted disorder that had not reached the target cell line .
Schizophrenia gradually formed where the family and the patient does not realize there is something wrong in the brain in a long time . Slowly damage that eventually became hidden and dangerous schizophrenia . The symptoms slowly it could be acute schizophrenia . The period of acute schizophrenia is a disorder that is short and strong , which include hallucinations , misdirection mind ( delusions ) , and a failure to think .
Schizophrenia sometimes sudden attack . Very dramatic behavioral changes occur within a few days or weeks . The sudden attacks always trigger a rapid acute period . Some people develop a lifelong disorder , but many are able to return to normal life in the acute period . Most found that they were ostracized , suffering from severe depression , and can not function as a normal person in a like environment .
In some cases , attacks can rise to what is called chronic schizophrenia . Patients become savage , lose as a human character in social life , have no motivation at all , depression , and lack of sensitivity about his own feelings .
Psychiatrists distinguish the symptoms of schizophrenia into two , namely positive and negative symptoms .
positive symptoms
Hallucinations always occurs when the stimulation is too strong and the brain is not able to interpret and respond to the message or stimulus coming . People with schizophrenia may hear voices or see things that are not there , or experiencing an unusual sensation in his body . Auditory hallucinations , symptoms usually occur , the patient felt a voice from within him . Sometimes it felt soothing voice , gives peace , but sometimes the voice told him to do something really dangerous , like a suicide .
Misdirection mind ( delusions ) is a strong belief in something that is sometimes interpreted contrary to reality . For example , in patients with schizophrenia , the traffic lights on the highway red green yellow , regarded as a gesture of outer space . Some people turn out to be a paranoid schizophrenic . They always felt being scrutinized , staked out , or about to be attacked.
Failure of thinking leads to a problem where people with schizophrenia are not able to process and organize his thoughts . Most people are not able to understand the relationship between reality and logic . Because individuals with schizophrenia who are not able to set his mind to make them speak recklessly and can not be captured in the logic . Inability to think result in the inability to control your emotions and feelings . As a result, people with schizophrenia sometimes laughing to himself or talking to himself out loud without a care in the world .
All that makes people with schizophrenia could not understand who he was , did not dress , and could not understand what it is man . He also could not understand when he was born , where he was , and so on .
negative symptoms
Patients with schizophrenia lose motivation and apathy means loss of energy and interest in life that make people become lazy . Because patients with schizophrenia only has a little energy , they can not do anything other than sleep and eat .
Feeling emotionally blunted make people with schizophrenia to be flat . People with schizophrenia do not have a good expression of his countenance and movements , as if he did not have any emotion . But this does not mean that people with schizophrenia can not feel any sense . They may be able to receive gifts and attention of others , but can not express their feelings .
Depression who do not know the feeling of wanting to help and hope , always be a part of life in patients with schizophrenia . They do not feel they have deviant behavior , relationships can not build relationships with others , and do not know love . Feelings of depression is something that is very painful . In addition , the biological brain changes also contribute to depression .
Ongoing depression will make people with schizophrenia withdraw from their environment . They always feel safe when alone .
In some cases , schizophrenia attacking young men between 15 and 30 years old , but most of the attacks occurred at the age of 40 years and above . Schizophrenia can affect anyone regardless of gender, race , or socioeconomic level . Schizophrenia is estimated as many as 1 % of the number of humans on earth .
Schizophrenia can not be cured until now . But with the help of psychiatrist and medication , schizophrenia can be controlled . Recovery does happen sometimes , but it can not be predicted . In some cases , patients become better than before . Relief of symptoms always appear in the first 2 years after the patients treated , and gradually became rare after 5 years of treatment . At that advanced age , over 40 years old , lives with schizophrenia are treated , the better , given drug dosage will be reduced , and the frequency of treatment will be increasingly rare .

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