Senin, 21 Oktober 2013

long term memory

Long-term memory (Long Term Memory/LTM) is defined as the line – line carved in human brain tissue, and every human being has a different route structures. For William James had the dualistic nature of memory, namely transitoris (as Mediator) and permanent. However at the time there were not yet enough james scientific evidence that supports the operational definition of the difference between the two memory systems. Evidence – evidence it appears 75 years later, when the relationship between primary memory and memory skunder described by waugh and Norman (1965). Where there is an item that enters the primary memory and then stored (through practice Repetition), or forgotten. by using the repetition of the item into the memory of skunder and subsequently become part of the permanent memory. (Robert Solso,2008).

with such explanations, it means long term memory in humans can be sharpened or trained, if men seldom train the ability of long term memory, then he will often forget. like the tahfidz are, they are often long term memory skills, which they're always repeating hafalannya, so that they never forget the memorized Quran, so the ability of a person's memory can be trained and in accordance with the capabilities of each individual cognition each

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