Senin, 21 Oktober 2013

Love in Emotion

 Emotion is a word we often hear in everyday life and in essence everyone has emotions. However, from which the emotions arise, it seems no one can answer with certainty. However, the principle that we can believe that the emotions will be stronger if accompanied by physical expression. For example, when we see someone with a screaming cussing, then we judge that the person is angry.
            William James argued that emotion is a tendency to have a peculiar feeling when faced with certain objects in the environment. While Crow defines emotion as a volatile situation on the individual that serves as the adjustment of the environment to achieve the welfare and safety of individuals. It can be concluded that the emotion does not always lead to ugliness. Love is a form of emotion that does not refer to ugliness, but happiness.
            Love is a very lively topic discussed. Start children, youth, adulthood was very familiar with the word love. Love is like a moon and star in the dark, graffiti in the paper, the ink in the pen. However, if we understand that true love is a form of emotion ? Because, our view has been referred to the emotions are things that are more likely to ugliness.

Sobur, Alex. (2003) Psikologi Umum. Bandung: Pustaka Setia.

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