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Sigmund freud is considered the father of psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is a set of psychological and psychotherapeutic theories and associated techniques. The basic tenets of psychoanalysis include the following:
  1. besides the inherited constitution of personality, a person's development is determined by events in early childhood;
  2. human attitude, mannerism, experience, and thought is largely influenced by irrational drives;
  3. irrational drives are unconscious;
  4. attempts to bring these drives into awareness meet psychological resistance in the form of defense mechanisms;
  5. conflicts between conscious and unconscious, or repressed, material can materialise in the form of mental or emotional disturbances, for example: neurosis, neurotic traits, anxiety, depression etc.;
  6. the liberation from the effects of the unconscious material is achieved through bringing this material into the conscious mind (via e.g. skilled guidance, i.e. therapeutic intervention).
Freudian psychoanalysis refers to a specific type of treatment in which the "analysand" (analytic patient) verbally expresses his thoughts, including free associations, fantasies, and dreams, from which the analyst induces the unconscious conflicts causing the patient's symptoms and character problems, and interprets them for the patient to create insight for resolution of the problems. The analyst confronts and clarifies the patient's pathological defenses, wishes and guilt. Through the analysis of conflicts, including those contributing to resistance and those involving transference onto the analyst of distorted reactions, psychoanalytic treatment can hypothesize how patients unconsciously are their own worst enemies: how unconscious, symbolic reactions that have been stimulated by experience are causing symptoms.
                Psychoanalysis is studying about the function and how people live in her period. Why I write this article because, actually people life not just for their period but for their generation period. Their children, grandchildren, and so on. We must understand what should we do for them, how to giving a suitable attachment to make them ready for their future. Don’t forget that for a view years letter we will be parent.          

based on the book English for psychology book 1

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