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Post-Power Syndrome
Post-power syndrome, is of symptoms occurring in which patients living in the shadow of the greatness of her past ( his career her beauty, ketampanannya, his intelligence, or thing another ); and as if can ' t look reality that exists when this. As happened to the father of rudi, he suffered post-power syndrome. He always wanted to express how he so be proud of her past through which it passes with toil remarkable ( according to him ).
There are many factors caused the post-power syndrome. Early retirement and fle is one of these factors. If people get early retirement can not accept things that they ' ve been, plug them in although he thinks that he could still contribute to a significant post-power syndrom would easily strike. Moreover if it includes old age less productive and rejected, when applied in other companies post-power syndrom that ensued are getting worse.
Traumatic events is also one post-power cause of the syndrome. For example the accident that is experienced by a runner, that causes his legs should be amputated. If he is unable to receive the state of being incurred, he will suffer post-power syndrome. And protracted, if it continues not impossible mental disorder heavier will be sustained.
Post-power syndrome almost always experienced especially one who is well advanced age and retire from his job. It ' s just a lot of people who succeeded through this phase it quickly and can accept reality in simplicity and roomy. But in certain cases where a person unable to accept reality exists, coupled with the demands of a living being kept urging, and he is the only living family, a cantilever the risk of getting post-power syndrome heavy bigger. Some cases post-power syndrome heavy followed by mental disorder as can ' t rational thinking within a certain period, depression that is heavy, or on introfert personality ( closed ) occurring psychosomatic ( pain caused the burden of emotion that is not distributed ) severe.

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