Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

hufadz and memory

do you know about the formula 2dikali 12 was more of a result than 12 times two ? ? ?
Let us prove it ....

I have 2 samples of the experiment which is both a penghafal the Qur'an , let's say person A and person B. person A and person B every day to make a deposit rote ustadnya , one page per day , person A does murajaah ( repetitions ) every day , after sunuh and after mangrib , as did so and was never broken . different from those who do muraja'ah B ( repetition ) by way of alternating day means one day and one day repeat rote not . as did every day . after then tested both smoothness by a cleric who has been glib , the cleric said that the A more current than the rote B , why ? ? ? A more common because people repeat from memory rather than the B.

2 verse every day repeated smoothness will be better than 12ayat but only repeated only 2 times , hungannya with psychological theory is about recalling process , ie the process of calling back or evoke memories by repeating what we once knew ,

as well as the Qu'ran du penghafal rote memorize and repeat , unconsciously they have made the process of memory storage and recalling processes in a memory ..

" The re- repeat ( recitation ) of the Qur'an . By the One who is my soul in His hand , the Koran is actually faster than the human heart than the lost camel freed from its snare . " [ Saheeh Hadeeth . Narrated by Bukhari ( no. 5033 ) and Muslim ( no. 791 ) from Abu Musa radi ' anhu ]

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