Minggu, 20 Oktober 2013

memorize Easily

How can you know an easy way to memorize ? Maybe one of you must have felt the difficulty in mengahafal . Many things we can do to easily memorize things, one of which is by using a process of information cut into small pieces that are easy to remember or what we call chunking of information , apparently with the process we can increase our memory capacity to store the information that we get .
It is not easy to memorizing something that , even among friends , our friends there that are difficult to memorize the name of his friends own friends . I used to find it difficult to memorize the lessons given by my teacher , almost all of the lessons I learned in my school are encouraged to memorize . Lesson to be in memorize not small but consists of a few lines and some have pages and pages . Indeed everything nothing is impossible , as long as we want to try to do so . One way that I do to memorize the lesson by cutting little by little sentences in the passage I have memorized , which we call chunking by transforming information into meaningful units . after cutting some of the sentences I kept repeating until I memorized  entirely . By cutting up the sentence makes me easier to memorize . With the chunking process we can easily explain the phenomenon of STM ( short term memorie ) are capable of processing large amounts of information without causing bottlenecks in information processing circuits .
Information in a form that humans can be auditory information , visual , or semantic , depending on the type of information or the type of job a person experienced . Meanwhile , a form of information to memorize what I did in the form of visual information because I memorized the lesson by reading . But sometimes I also get information in the form of auditory information that I received when my teacher explains the lesson in the classroom .
A day in the life of every person will get the information - information , from some of the information will be gathered into one of the call with knowledge . However , there is one thing we must ketehui that 100 % of the information that we get just as much as 1 % can we keep in our memory . Such information may  100 % if we be repeating the information piecemeal
Sources : Solso , Robert L. et al . Cognitive psychology . Erland . Jakarta

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