Senin, 21 Oktober 2013


Most relationships with peers in adolescence can be categorized in one of three forms, namely group, click or individual friendships. Iyalah group groups the largest youth and less personal. Members – members of the Group met for their interest or interests in a variety of activities, not because they are interested in. Sedangkaqn click the groups is smaller, has a greater closeness among members – members and more cohesive than the group.

While the additional meaning of contains a Date during adolescence. (connolly and jhonson,1993: dowdy & Howard,1993). Dating can be a form of pair selection. recreation, a source of status and achievement, as well as an environment for learning about the intimate relationship. Most teenagers do this activity. Teen women tend to be more interested.

indeed on adolescence right now many are establishing friendship with friends kind of opponent knows how deeper or it could be called dating. not just teenage girls who tend to be interested in doing this activity. Teen lakipun are also many who are interested in this activity. It's just that maybe more teenage boys can hide the feeling happy because he had a friend on a date than teen girls.

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