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Social psychology is the study of the relationship between people and groups . The experts in this interdisciplinary field are generally experts in psychology or sociology , though all social psychologists use both individual and group them as a unit of analysis .
Social psychology was considered to have an important role , but now it's starting to change . In modern psychology , social psychology got an important position . Social psychology has provided insight how the human mind works and enrich the soul of our society . Through a variety of laboratory and field research conducted in a systematic , social psychologists have shown that to be able to understand human behavior , we must recognize how the role of situations , problems , and culture .
Although there are many similarities , the research experts in the fields of psychology and sociology tend to have differences in terms of goals , approaches , methods and their terminology . They also prefer academic journals and professional societies are different . The most important period of collaboration between sociologists and psychologists took place in the years shortly after World War II . [ 2 ] Although there is an increase in terms of isolation and specialization in recent years , to some extent, there is still overlap and influence among these two disciplines .
The majority of social psychologists receive training in the field of psychology . Their approach to the subject focusing on the individual and try to explain how the thoughts , feelings , and behavior of individuals are influenced by others . Psychology -oriented researchers emphasize the recent social situation and social interaction between person and situation variables . They centerungempiris and quantitative research , and often concentrated in laboratory experiments , but there are also computational modeling efforts in that field .
Psychologists who study social psychology are interested in topics such as attitudes , persuasion , behavior , social cognition , cognitive dissonance , social influence , and interpersonal behaviors such as altruism and aggression . Three influential journals to publish research in this field is Journal of Personality and Social Psychology , the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology , and the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin . There are also some general social psychology journals and specialized .
Work of sociologists is more focused on the behavior of the group , to investigate phenomena such as the interaction and social exchange theory at the micro level , group dynamics and group development , and community psychology at the macroscopic level . Sociologists interested individuals and groups , but usually in the context of the structure and the larger social processes , such as social roles , race , class , gender , ethnicity , and socialization . They use a combination of qualitative research design and quantitative methods , such as procedures for sampling and surveys .

Sociologists are interested in this field to a wide demographic phenomena , social , and cultural . Some of their main research areas are social inequality , group dynamics , social change , socialization , social identity , and symbolic interactionism . Is a major sociological journal Social Psychology Quarterly .

as student psychology we are must studing about social psychology, because social psycology is the study of the relationship between people and group. 

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