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learning English since toddler

We can see in today , parents vying teaching English in toddler . There's even a toddler Indonesia is fluent in English but could not speak Indonesian . Well does it ?
According to Dr . David Freeman , Professor of Curriculum and Instruction , and Dr. . Yvonne Freeman , Professor of Bilingual Education of the United States , it is important to start teaching foreign languages ​​as early as possible . Toddler in a golden age , is able to absorb a variety of things , including language skills . Do not be afraid your toddler will be dizzy with two languages ​​taught at home .
However , in addition to teaching English , do not forget to teach toddlers Indonesian language properly and correctly . Indonesian is the mother tongue or the first language of the child .
There are several reasons why it is important Indonesian :

Children hone nationalism .
The concept of children's academic thinking and stronger if early education in Indonesian .
Important for the development of children's academic future.
The ability of foreign -language children would be more effective if he could speak Indonesian well .

In the application of bilingual / bilingual at home , you can use a variety of exciting activities , so that toddlers do not feel stressed because ' should be ' . For example , you could ask her to sing songs in Indonesian and English interchangeably . Or you could play with children using Indonesian and at times also use English .
If your toddler in practice to mix the language that he uses , it's really fair , Mother . In this age , children learn to speak and still has not been a lot of vocabulary .

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