Senin, 21 Oktober 2013



everyone should have a self-concept, in the absence of the concept of human dignity will not know the weaknesses and strengths of themselves they would live as if psikophenim who do not know want to do anything. Previously the concept itself is our perception of all aspects of self that includes the physical aspects, social aspects, psychological aspects, which are based on our experiences and interactions with others.

Meanwhile, William D. Brooks said in his speech communication "self concept then, can be defined as those psysical, social, and psychological perceptions of our selves that we have derived from our experience and interaction with other" (Brooks, 1971: 64). So not only yourself but also concerning themselves with the community.

With our self-concept can improve the nature of ourselves through the Window concept. Window concept which is square and is divided into 4 parts. The first section contains what we know and other people know about us, the second part we do not know yet others know (talent), the third section is filled about other people we know but do not know (secret), and the fourth is filled on I do not know, other people do not know (hope). Automatic all about ourselves will we know, and we can correct deficiencies and improve the quality of ourselves to be better, and we will be motivated to achieve the expectations that we want. However fruition or not depend no one’s self-concept, if the concept itself is weak then to reach the target, it takes a high motivasion and determination, if necessary, there always reminding.

Unlike the people who have self-concepts they already have the potential to apply in daily life because they already have a high motivation in itself, so they do not need another supporting factor, but he Himself is enough to achieve what he wants. So, success can only be achieved by those who have the self-concept of course accompanied with prayer and effort.

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