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View of Muslims Against Mysticism

There are bependapat that Sufism is derived from the first rows in prayer . As in the case of people who pray in the first row and will get the glory and reward , then so does the Sufis glorified God and be rewarded . And some have argued that Sufism originated from the word al - Safa ', which means holy . A Sufi is one who purify themselves through exercise - exercise longer .
Sophos Greek word meaning wisdom is the origin of the word Sufism . In the letter s transliterisasi contained in Sophos word into Arabic into ( sin ) and not ( shod ) , as well as the philosophy of the word philosophia said . Thus the written word Sufi ( mystic ) and not ( shufi ) . In addition there are menisbahkannya the word suf which means wool rough . Fabric made of coarse wool is a symbol of simplicity and poverty . although life is full of simplicity and poor , they be holy , zealous worship .

Here are some definitions according to experts Sufism / Sufis :
1 . Sufism according to Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Husayn ibn Abi Talib
Moral goodness . So when his behavior gets better , then so does the mystical
2 . Sufism according to Hasan Nuri
It does not consist of Sufism practices and certain sciences , but he ( Sufism ) it is ethical
3 . Sufism by Ali Karmini
Sufism is a moral / ethical good .
4 . Sufism according to Al - Junaidi
A trait that therein lies the human dikehidupan

Sufism is also based on Al - Quran and Al - Hadith . Can be seen in the verses and hadiths that describe human proximity to the gods , among which are :
1 . Contained in surah Al - Baqarah ( 2 ) The first sentence of paragraph 186 , which roughly translated reads as follows : " ( Muhammad answer ) that I was close . I granted the request of those who beg to Me " ...
2 . In the same letter verse 115 , Allah says : " And Allah belongs the east and the west , so wherever you're facing , that's where God's face . Allah is All- Area ( His mercy ) , All- Knowing . "
3 . In the letter Qaf verse 16 , Allah says: " And verily we have created man and know what is whispered by heart , and we are closer to him than his neck vein . "

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