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Understanding Post-Power Syndrome in People That We Love

Rudi, a 23 year old dashing young man gets more days just laughed his father hates it. Just imagine, who hates it when you don't have a dad who has already retired and unemployed, but when talk is always the pompous. Her father endlessly told stories about how great he was as Director of a garment company in Surabaya. As if he had never been aware, that the story that has been repeated dozens of times always out in the ears of Rudi. When rebuked his father can't accept and consider Rudi has not experienced.

When friends Rudi main home, his father always give "lectures" to his friends that they should follow the example of what has been done. Even not just at home, in the neighboring environment, Rudi's father is known as the story of the past which are out of date. As a result, not only were annoyed, Rudi but neighbors who are already tired of hearing the story of her father also immediately step aside so look father Rudi came.

Post – power syndrome, is a symptom that occurs in which sufferers living in the shadows of his past greatness (his career, beauty, gentle, his intelligence, or anything else), and seemed to be unable to perceive the reality that exists today. As happened to father Rudi, he experienced the post-power syndrome. He always wanted to express how he was so proud of his past that he suffered with tremendous exertion (according to him).

There are many factors that cause the occurrence of post-power syndrome. Early retirement and stop working is one of these factors. When people get early retirement could not receive State that energy is not used anymore, although he thinks he can still give a significant contribution to the company, post-syndrom will easily power attack. Especially when it turns out he was already including the age of less productive and rejected when applying for another company, post-power a syndrom attacked him will be more severe.

Traumatic events also became one of the causes of the occurrence of post-power syndrome. For example a crash experienced by a runner, which caused his legs to be amputated. When he is not able to accept the circumstances that had befallen him, he will experience post-power syndrome. And if it continues to drag on, it is not impossible that a more severe mental disorder will be sustained.

Post – power syndrome almost always experienced especially people who are already aged and retired from his job. It's just that a lot of people who make it through this phase quickly and can accept the reality with a heart that is airy. But in certain cases, where a person is unable to accept the fact that there is, coupled with the demands of life continue to be urgent, and he is the only living family of the cantilever, the risk of the occurrence of post-heavy power syndrome gets bigger.

Some cases of post-power syndrome of severe mental disorders such as followed cannot think rationally within a certain period, severe depression, or on individuals introvert (closed) happens psychosomatic (pain caused by the load of the emotions that can't get out).


When a sufferer's post-power syndrome can find self-actualization is new, it will be very helpful for her. For example, a manager of the affected stops working, but it can prove themselves in a new business which he incubated (agribusiness for example), it will avoid the risk of developing post-power syndrome.

In addition, support the environment closest to you, in this respect, and maturity of the emotions of someone very influential in post-phase power syndrome. Someone who can accept the fact of its existence and the well will be able to pass through this phase, compared with someone who has a conflict of emotions.

Support and understanding from loved ones really help the sufferers. When the patient sees that people loved to understand and understand about the State itself, or the frustrating search for a living, he will be more able to accept the situation and more able to think is cool. It will restore the creativity, although not as powerful as it once was. Will be very different results if the family even mocked him sarcastically, and always grumbling.

Post – power syndrome attack anybody, both men and women. The maturity of emotion and warmth of a family is very helpful to get through this phase. And one way to prepare the post-power syndrome is fond of saving and simple living. Because when the post-power syndrome strikes, while sufferers have become accustomed to luxury living, the consequences will be severe.

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