Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

the pent-up creativity

How can one bring up creativity inside him? Maybe we often hear  the word creativity in our everyday life. Yet we see is not the creativity within us but in others. We look at the creativity of others not once, but many times only, because in our lives, someone will continue to interact with other people.

It turns out everybody can make creativity in himself, even earlier without we know we have done the stages in the creative process, which is where the process starts with the preparation, i.e. formulate a problem and make the initial effort to solve it. For example, when we get the task of presentation in one of the courses, we will be doing business with how to go to the library to borrow a book as reference papers that will be presentasikan, by borrowing the book as we attempt to solve an issue i.e. presentation. Furthermore the inkubisi i.e. where there is no work done directly to solve problems and attention was diverted for a moment on other things. for example, when we've been trying to go to the library but the book we find none, attempts that finally we are doing that we are trying to find a way forward references via the internet, it's called inkubisi. The third is the illumination that is acquiring insigh (deep understanding) of the problem. For example, with the given material in presentations, we will gain a deep understanding of what we are going to presentasikan. The latter is verify that test the understanding that has come by and create solutions. For example, when we are presenting the material to the audience and can answer all the questions that are asked by the questioner.

Without us even realizing it turns out it's all going on inside of us, and it's as a form of creativity we as students.

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