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Influence Stories for Intelligence

       Growth is good for children not only because of nutritional factors, but also from what is heard, seen and learned since childhood. All contributing factors will determine the basis for the intelligence of his adult life. Golden period to spur the intelligence of children is under the age of 5 years, because after that time the potential intelligence of children will remain. Jean Peaget a psychologist from Switzerland in his research also revealed that more and more new things are introduced, demonstrated, and heard the toddler, the toddler will increasingly want to see and hear everything that is new in the environment.   
            Storytelling is one of the factors that can increase the intelligence of Spiritual children, because through the stories of parents can instill the values ​​and spiritual meaning in the child. Storytelling is not only important as an educational process, but also as a means of communication between parents and children. Openness and emotional intimacy can grow through two-way communication is done in the form of storytelling.
            But in this context, parents should be highly selective in the stories for his son choose, because not all stories have a good value . Like a Kancil stories are very popular in the world of children . Most children know the characters well Kancil, but they do not understand what the Kancil was right or wrong, so if the parents are not smart in telling the story, it is likely the child will imitate what the figures are preferred. Perhaps in this case it would be nice if parents could take the story from the stories of the Prophets, thus indirectly children begin to recognize and understand the concept of divinity, truth, goodness, and so on.

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