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Baby Love Through Touch

Baby Love Through Touch

Touch is the first sense a baby develops rapidly . Through the love and feel the touch of her mother's attention . Babies who grew up in a loving , healthy brain develops .

When the skin is touched , a signal is sent to the brain nerve cells ordered in the brain to grow and make connections between cells . Research in neuroscience shows the touch needed for human development .

Realize your touch by:
·         Holding . Maternal instinct automatically appear to hold the baby , because the mother 's arms , the baby was calm , warm , safe and move along like the mother in the womb . His ears are located on the left side of the mother's body could hear the mother's heartbeat . Closeness in a sling improving maternal and infant interaction and help babies get through the shock after the world was born in the bright , cold and noisy this .
·         Hug and kiss . Babies need a hug and a kiss because it helps the growth of the two neural networks are interconnected . When hugged and kissed , the baby will respond by releasing hormones opioids , pleasure hormones are natural morphine-like chemical reactions in the body . This hormone creates feelings of pleasure and can improve infant and maternal bonding .
·         Massaging . Massaging is when mothers and infants establish attachment , relaxation and communication . Massage calms the nervous system of the baby , and help her sleep soundly . Through massage , infants receive stimulation and interaction that helps facilitate healthy brain development .
Another manifestation of love :

1 . Giving love liquid milk has the magic :
o   Fostering a love of babies . Breastfeeding hormones directly stimulate lactation mothers , namely prolactin and oxytocin . The hormone oxytocin makes mothers more attention , more interested in pleasing the child , more sensitive to the feelings more quickly identify infants and nonverbal language of babies .
o   Meeting the emotional needs of the child . When breastfeeding, hugging , touching the skin and make eye contact with the baby . Babies also feel maternal love .
o   Food for the baby's brain . Breastfeeding is important for infant brain development , particularly that process matters relating to violence , depression and social behavior . Babies who are breastfed more easily understand the teachings of good behavior .
2.      Can continue to sleep with the proximity of mother and baby .
Sleeping together can meet the safety need . When the baby woke up and knew she was lying on her side , surely the baby quiet and safe . Feeling safe is important for the trust capital and love others . When sleeping with children :
• Choose bed flat surface like a spring bed . Avoid water bed or sleep on the couch because the surface can immerse infants to interfere with breathing .
• Choose a king sized bed , if necessary, expand the crib attaching the same height as the mattress , place it closer to the bed .
• Babies sleep on their backs , wearing comfortable clothes , no straps or dangling jewelry because it could strangle her neck .
• Hindarikan sleeping with infants under 9 months with older children .
• Do not sleep with your baby when you are undergoing treatment effect such as sleeping pills can make you less alert .
• Should not sleep when you have a problem with obesity . Mothers who are obese have sleep disorders and breast size big risk of causing the baby wedged .

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