Kamis, 19 Desember 2013


Understanding Motivation According to the Experts

Prior to the motivation , the authors will first explain the word " motive " first, because the word " motive " appears before the word ' motivation ' . Both of these are efforts that encourage someone to do something . Motiv can be interpreted as an internal condition ( preparedness , and preparedness ) . Which originated from the word " motive " it , then motivation can be defined as the driving force that has been active at certain times , especially when the need is felt to achieve very urgent .

Sujono Trimo provide understanding motivation is a driving force in the behavior of individuals in both the individual behavior determines the direction and power akam Ahan ( perintence ) every human behavior in which there are also emotional ungsur - ungsur insane berasangkutan

From the description above can be etymologically sipulkan that motivation is encouragement or existing locomotion locomotion that are in a person to perform an action to achieve a goal

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