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Low Creativity in Our Education Worl

  Creativity is a term that is already very familiar among teachers and educators in the country . It would be understandable , because creativity is an important terminology in the world of education and teaching as well as human resource development . However , when asked further what is meant by creativity , especially how to foster creativity tips in the context of learning in schools , the authors are not sure of all the teachers and educators can menjelaskanya , it must have practiced it .

It is said that as a result of lack of attention to this problem , until now creativity is still a rare commodity in our education environment , both in the teachers and students . Examples of creativity scarcity of teachers for example can be seen from the low quantity of participation and their involvement in various events held lots of creativity , both in the environment and non - MONE MONE . Just to cite an example , according to information participation of Indonesian high school teacher and equals that follow LMKS ( Competition Reviewing Literature ) and LMCP ( Short Story Writing Competition ) held by Dikdasmen every year on average only by approximately 200 people only teacher . Though the number of Indonesian teachers who teach in high school and equal ( SMK and MA ) , both public and private in this country has reached thousands of people . A similar picture is true of teachers of subjects other groups .

What about the creativity of our students ? It seems to have valid legal causation . Creativity of the students we are generally still very low , and far behind when compared with students from other countries . Just a picture , according to the results of research conducted by the University of Utah Hans Jellen U.S. and Klaus Urban of the University of Hannover, Germany in August 1987 against Indonesian children aged 10 years ( with a sample of 50 children in Jakarta ) , showed that the level of creativity Indonesian children are in the final sequence of the 8 states that the study sample . The order of ranking as follows ( from highest to lowest ) : Philippines , USA , UK , Germany , India , PRC , Cameroon , Zulu , and Indonesia ( Drs. Smith Djunaedi , Mind , January 10, 2005 ) .

What exactly is meant by the creativity ? Roger B. Yepsen Jr. . ( 1996) say that creativity is the capacity to create new things Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi According to (1996 ) that creative people are those who think or act to change a domain or set up a new realm ( Drs. Smith Djunaedi , Mind , January 10, 2005 ) . Based on these two statements the term creativity is used to refer to an individual's ability to rely on its potential and skills to generate new ideas and fresh insights are very valuable .

Coverage area of ​​creativity is not limited to acts that are physically working . The ability to be a good penyimak , who listened to ideas that come from the outside world and from within yourself or from the subconscious is also the area of ​​creativity . Thus creativity creativity more precisely defined as an experience of an individual to express and actualize their identity in an integrated manner in the close relationships with self, others, and also the surrounding natural environment .

Psychologists to date there is still no agreement on what factors and motives underlying the basic needs of human beings to be creative . Nevertheless, they agreed that there are real benefits and rewards that can be observed can be identified as a human motive to be creative . Also based on the research also revealed that men usually do creations as driven by basic needs , such as : security , love , and appreciation . They are also motivated to be creative by the environment and the benefits of creating such a more enjoyable life , greater self- confidence , joy of life , and the possibility to show their best abilities to others .

There are many ways that can be done by someone to bring her creative ideas . But before I bring these techniques , which should be understood by us that the development of creativity techniques were in various stages of development based on the actual whole range of ideas as a way to obtain a good and creative idea . Thus the first step to bring the birth of a creativity is to bring as many ideas or opinions , both from ourselves and others.

There are at least two techniques that we can use to gather ideas . The first is a brainstorming technique . Brainstorming technique is probably the most used , but also the creative solving techniques are not widely understood . Many people use the term to refer to a brainstorming process that produces a new idea , or uses the term to refer to a collection of problem-solving process . Actually brainstorming technique is an activity that generates ideas that try to overcome all obstacles and criticism . These activities gave rise to many ideas , including ideas that deviate wildly , and dare to hope that these ideas can generate better ideas and creative . This technique tends to produce an original new ideas to add to the existing number of conventional ideas .

Both techniques sinektik . Analogy has long been used as one tool for creative drafting process . Sinektik is a method or process that uses metaphors and analogies to generate creative ideas or a fresh insight into the problem . In order to stop the old habits and old ideas and to introduce a relaxed atmosphere in the process of extracting ideas , then try to make the process sinektik "foreign " to " familiar " and vice versa .

While a number of obstacles that usually an obstacle in fostering creativity by Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan ( 2000) is as follows . As a result of that habit , inability memenej time , due to the overrun problem , behave as if there are no problems , fear of failure , being instant ( want an answer right then and there ) , has a tough mental attitude directed , as well as fear of criticism from others on what he does . People who are not able to overcome these constraints will be difficult to grow its creative potential . Therefore, first and foremost step to overcome creativity melenjitkan advance these constraints . Not mudang indeed , but we must try .

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