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Shy Child Psychology and Quiet

Shy Child Psychology and Quiet
Educating children was tricky , even easier than raising him . If you are too simplistic in educating children can make a child feel too free or unnoticed . But if you educate too hard , can make children feel depressed and rebellious . There are many that highlight the problem of educating children .

Emotional Child
Emotional development of children often make parents confused . Quite often that react expressively and hard . Even parents often feel anxious or worried about the changes that occur in children . Including when the child turns into a shy , quiet , and solitude .
Feelings of shame in children began to emerge at the age of one year . At that time shame arises because the child has begun to distinguish between people who are already known to those who considered foreigners . The humiliation does not appear suddenly , but could be due to the temperament of the child from birth or due to the effect of treatment on the child's parents .

High Expectations
There are several types of treatment the parents who make children become shy . Among them , too high expectations from parents to children . The parents expect children to be someone who ' superior ' . Both related to intelligence , wit , expression , humor , and physical development . But the parents' expectations can actually turn out to be for children when excessive pressure .

Many child psychology articles that highlight the excesses of parents in protecting children , it will give adverse effects on the child . Parents who are overly protective , many provide the prohibition of , or restrictions will only make children become afraid to do and shame on the people around him .

In educating children , parents are usually stuck on various fears and face the aggravation of psychological development of children. Prohibition or restriction of the parents is a reflection of fear when the kids want to play will be dirty , disease , falls , or other fears . While on the other hand , when a child shows stubbornness and freedom of expression is often perceived as an annoying burden that parents need to be restricted .

While other factors that affect a child being shy is sibling rivalry or peers . A child who is active will be sociable , cheerful , and easily attract attention . While the children are passive tend to withdraw because of lack of response to the other children . These conditions will make children become increasingly shy and depressed .

Faced with such children , parents need to let go of ambition in educating children . Many child psychology articles that emphasize that parents give freedom to the child , to feel what he wanted . Especially when children aged 1-5 years , the freedom of expression it will develop into a person's psyche active child . So that the child will not be embarrassed or afraid to its environment .

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