Kamis, 12 Desember 2013

understanding Learning


According to James O. Wittaker , " Learning may be defined as the process by the which originates or is altered behavior through training or experience" ( learning can be defined as the process by which the behavior generated or modified by training or experience) .
A similar definition proposed by Howard L. Kingsley as follows : " Learning is the process by wich behavior ( in the broader sense) originates or is changed through practice or training " ( Learning is the process by which the behavior ( in a broad sense ) generated or altered through practice or training ) .
Not much different from the previous definition Gates in his book Educational Psychology provides a definition of learning as follows : " Learning may be defined as the progressive change behavior is the which is associated on the hand with Successive precentation of a situation and on the other ; with repeated Efforts of the individual to reach to it effectively " . ( Learning can be defined as behavioral changes that are interconnected are more advanced in his appearance on the situation , the efforts repetitive and concerned in order to achieve effectiveness ) .
On the other hand Robert M. Gagne in his book The Conditions of Learning argues : " Learning is a change in human disposition or capacity , the which persist over a period of time , and the which is not simply ascribable to processes of growth " . ( Learning is a kind of change that is shown in the change of behavior , which was different from before individuals are in a learning situation and after such actions ) .

From the definition above it can be concluded that learning is a change in behavior that distinguish between the situation before and after the learning process through which exercises or experiences .

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