Senin, 09 Desember 2013


World already somersault. Religious values ​​and human morality tested. One of the prevalent today free sex among teenagers. This is clearly worrying parents. Call it a case of sex that occurs in Jembrana lately. Pascakasus intercourse against minors by seven youths in Mendoyo, a similar case occurred again in Yehsumbul. A teenagers (ABG) initials RP (16) fucked six youths overnight on Friday (17/5) last. This case adds to the length what happened to teenagers, especially teenage girls, such as in Bali in Denpasar, Bangli, Klungkung and Karangasem

The cases of sex that struck teenager or adolescent as well as in Jembrana also proves that young people lose control. Kendari counseled many parents and teachers in school, they are still against the flow by doing less commendable as rotating teenage girl who was innocent. This case proves that local governments, religious leaders, parents, teachers and security forces, lack of attention to the lives of children and adolescents, How not, sex areas or localization WTS still exist in society, including specialty services that allow anyone just take advantage of his hotel for various things, and without control. Though the cases of free sex teens who lived at this time should be a valuable lesson for anyone that is not the case increasingly prevalent in later

Moreover, the threat to free sex is very unusual as the threat of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV / AIDS, early pregnancy, even the threat of suicide. A great pity that the agency would pay attention to the number of teenage life increasingly rare. Even if there are institutions that care, they lack the support of parents and government circles. On the one hand, the parents busy making money to pay less attention to their child's life. On the other hand they just handed this kind of condition, so that the teens are free to do anything according to his will. Thus the threat to the development of the young adults of this association increased and varied in accordance with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology.

BY : FARICHATUN NI'MAH   (12410128)

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