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Cognitive Psychology (Forgetting and Remembering)

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Cognitive Psychology (Forgetting and Remembering)
Deliberate forgetfulness ( Motivated Forgetting ) is a conscious repression of the memory , which is generally done to avoid the memory of a person experiences traumatic . When someone refuses to discuss or think about a traumatic experience , he might start to forget the experience . ( Solso : 2007) . 

Defense mechanism ( Defense Mechanisms ) Freud one of them is repression . Repression ( repression ) is the act of pushing the thoughts , memories or feelings that threaten out of consciousness . Freud states are unconscious repression to protect ego.Memori repressed - memory ( direpres ) is a painful memory . ( Solso : 2007) 

Everyone has experienced bad events , which ultimately stored in the memory of our brain . Like the lyrics of the song describe someone who wants all the memory of the couple who never hurt him was lost . Because when considering all the painful memories of the partner will make him come back depressed . Thus, he tried to protect himself , he does not want to constantly upset because it will only hurt himself. He tried to forget all the bad memories in a way not to say anything about her ex and will not think about it anymore .

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