Senin, 16 Desember 2013

Eye Movement Indicate Who Someone Lie Or Not

Many people think a lie is easy to determine just by looking at the movement of the eyeball . Because a person's eye movements can also be manipulated by themselves.
A study done by the British and Canadian nationality researchers say , there is no relationship between eye movements to the right and up the signs someone is lying .
Vice versa , eyeball movement to the left and to the top as a sign of an honest person is not proven .
Psychologists from the University of Edinburgh , Caroline Watt , PhD is a researcher in the study, said , "Most people believe that certain eye movements are a sign of lying , and this idea is even taught in organizational training courses , " said Watt .
He added that their research is not providing support and so forth , this study actually gives instructions to re-look at the truth of this kind of detection .
This research was conducted in three parts , the first study with the participation of the majority is 32 students . They were ordered to hide the phone in a certain place . Each interview to find out who is telling the truth and not .
Each participant will be recorded to determine the movement of the eyeballs and their gaze when interviewed .
As a result, no significant differences were found between the movements of their eyes to the truth or falsehood is revealed .
However , the movement can not be known only from the matter of the movement of the eyeball , may need someone who is highly trained to see the subtle movement .
The same is proven through research to two , in this study the researchers refer 50 people to be trained to read the movement of the eyeball . They are shown in a video on the first study to detect lies .
The results of these studies indicate , eye movements can not be a reference to a person is lying or not .
" The results of this study are sufficient to explain the reason that the movement of the eyeball is a poor indicator of lie detection , " said Watt .

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