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The term personality is derived from the Latin word "persona" which means mask or a mask, the face of the cap often worn by players of the stage, which is meant to describe the behavior, character, or a private person. For the Romans, "persona" means how a person looks at another person.

Meanwhile, according to Kartini Kartono personality and Dali Gulo in Sjarkawim (2006) is typical of the nature and behavior of a person who distinguishes it from other people; integration characteristics of the structures, patterns of behavior, interests, pendiriran, capabilities and potential of a person; everything about one's self as known by others.

Allport defines personality as well as the composition of psychophysical systems that dynamically within the individual, which determines a unique adjustment to the environment. Psychophysical system is Allport includes habits, attitudes, values​​, beliefs, emotional states, feelings and psychological motives but have a physical basis in the glands, nerves, and the physical state of children in general.

From some of the above, it can be concluded that personality is an arrangement of the psychophysical system (psychologically and physically interact with each other in a cohesive and direct behavior) are complex and dynamic in an individual, which determines the individual's adjustment to its environment, so it will behavior appears in a unique and different from others.

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