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Surely we are experiencing a bit of conflict in the world if words-just as it is received as a sign of our ideas-rather than as the embodiment of the objects themselves (John Locke in Solso, 2008).

Indonesia, which consists of five major islands and hundreds of smaller islands stretching from Sabang to Merauke has a wide variety of ethnic, cultural, and language.
Property owned by Inddonesia be a separate asset in terms of the uniqueness of this nation.

Language asalah one of Indonesia where wealth can be found in every region or province definitely has its own characteristic language. We will not be able to live if communication between people not understand each other. So we need a language to be able to unite all the people of Indonesia. The language is Indonesian.

If we pay attention when the elementary grades, middle school to upper school will look mnenengah language scores were ranked third after kewarganegaraan.Sebenarnya religious education and the importance of language education in life????

Language is a communication tool to interact in the environment into the spotlight that is so interesting to discuss. Someone from Lampung region has its own local language when buying food desert where the seller Padang language then we can think how strange circumstances. When they are berkomunikiasi but using language support each and between each other equally do not understand the meaning of spoken ayang discussed by his interlocutor. It could have been a misunderstanding between the two simply because the tone of voice slightly raised despite the fact that spoken words did not contain elements of discord.

With language also adds our social knowledge. Examples of when we wandered stricken different with its own area.
When we are lost and want to ask the locals. Again, the language is a staple in the settlement of this problem. If we are not good at their language and language together, whatever happens we are in the area.

But that does not become a reason for the differences in the language of the country led to the dispute. Due to the disputes that led to the split only disharmony in the motherland. So in addition to learning the language Indonesian unity we are also obliged to preserve local languages ​​respectively.

Linguistic relativity hypothesis states that hakihkat language determines the way people make sense of reality, but the evidence shows that people with different language experiences are perceptually similar (Solso, 2008).

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