Rabu, 11 Desember 2013

Try to explore and understand the world

Breeze toned, leaves scattered along the road,  waterfull down from the sky water the Earth, it is all the events that happen in our lives, man will never be silent to know everything that happens in life. Humans like to showing and understand this world even closer. To do so requires time, namely human beings since human beings are born until the end of his life. How does the human showing and understand the world? That is by way of thinking or that we often call with cognition. With thinking people will understand a thing that happened surrounding. In living human beings will not be separated from the activities of thinking or cognition, human cognition because it will happen all the time.
Humans will experience growth in life, human development emphasis is focused on the age of the   changes in physical, cognitive, and social-that occur over the life span. Cognitive development is specifically focused on the changes in ways of thinking, problem-solving, memory and intelligence.
Human cognition, be reviewed from the standpoint of development, is the result of a series of stages – stage of development which started in the early years of the commencement of growth at an early stage. Perception, memory, language and thought processes we are controlled by a basic genetic structure which we inherited and we are experiencing changes in response to the environment which appeared in various physical and social interaction.
A young child aged 0-2 years old then the child will do the process of cognition in himself by way of sucking, grasping, and see, it is a form of scheme that occurs when a child's cognition process occurs. The simplest level of thought is a scheme, namely the mental representation of some physical or mental actions that can be performed on the object. By sucking up, holding it and looking at the sort of a how a child understand the world outside himself. This is one of the stages of cognition in say by piaget whodoi in human life. Piaget divided into 4 phases in the development of human cognition, among others, were: the stage of sensorimotor stage, pre-oprasional, oprasional stage of the concrete, and the formal operational stage. The four stages of cognition is a typical cirri.
Cognition someone will continue to grow if we often do things that involve our cognition, such as reading, resolve issues, ask questions, and many more activities that we can do to  of our cognition.

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