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My journey , Yes My memory storage

Our lives have the most honest means of surveillance , which may not be lying but it might just be forgotten . Only critical events are usually remembered as : a dangerous , happy or sad .

Where are the tools that scouts ?

Um . . .

Yes in my memory was the warehouse . .

Memory ? What is it ?

Memory is something we have, something that can not be seen , touched , or weighed . Memory can not be searched in a part of the brain , because the memory is an abstraction that refers to a set of attributes , activities, and skills , and instead refers to an object . Skills can vary but there is no memory of standards which are good or bad .

Ian Hunter , a psychologist , states that a person who claimed to have a good memory could mean he is able to do any of the various activities .

The process of remembering consists of three steps: encoding , storage and retrieval . The process of encoding an information retrieval process , a process penyimapan information storage and retrieval is the process of spending the information if necessary .

There are two kinds of processes in memory , ie short-term memory ( short term memory ) and long-term memory (long term memory) . In addition , there is also the opinion of William James that the primary memory that occur directly have similar but not identical to the short term memory that never left the consciousness and continue to provide " impressions " that has been experienced .

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Secondary memory that occurs indirectly meniliki resemblance is not identical to the long term memory , and is defined as pathways that are " sculpted " in human brain tissue , and every human being has a different track structure .

James argued again , the memory has a dualistic nature that is as transitory ( as mediator ) and permanent .

In terms of capacity , Short Term Memory ( STM ) lasted less than 30 seconds and Long Term Memory ( LTM ) is more than that . When measured per item , only 7 items STM and LTM bigger than that .

In STM , there is also a term encoding STM information . There are 3 types of encryption that audiotorik password , password visual and semantic password . All three have different functions in different situations .

For audiotorik password is the process of delivering information from what he heard , and the visual code of what is seen and the password associated with the semantic meaning of objects .

Why STM encoding information need assistance ?

By using encryption mempemudah us in remembering , because the symbol is much more familiar and interesting to us . It is still easily forgotten if it is not experiencing memory repetition , but if often in the recall will turn into long-term memory more permanent .

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