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Stress and Solutions

Human life is marked by the efforts of the fulfillment of needs, both physical, mental-emotional, material and spiritual. When the need can be met by either means, achieved a balance and satisfaction. But there are in fact venture fulfillment of these needs often got many obstacles and barriers.

Pressures and difficulties of life it often brings a human being in a State of stress. Stress can be experienced by all walks of life.

Stress can be physical, biological and psychological. Germs of diseases that attack the human body raises the biological stress which caused various reactions of defence body. While psychological stress can be sourced from some of the things that can cause impaired sense of peace and balance in life.


Sources of stress can be classified in these forms:

1. Crisis

The crisis is the change/events that arise suddenly and shake one's balance of power adjustment range beyond the everyday. For example: crisis in the field of business, family relationships and so on.

2. Frustrating

Frustration is a failure in the attempt the gratification of needs/compulsions instincts, thus arising disappointment. Frutrasi occurs when a person or business intentions are hindered by barriers-barriers (from outside: famine, drought, death, etc. and from within: tired, mentally disabled, a sense of inferiority and so on) that impede the progress of a goal that would at best.

3. Conflict

The conflict is a disagreement between the 2 wishes/encouragement that is between instinct and impulse power to control those instincts urge.

4. Pressure

Stress can inflict pressure associated with the great responsibility that should be taken away from us. (From within yourself: ideals, the head of the family, etc. and from the outside: a wife too demanding, the parent who wants his son achievers).


As a result of stress depends on the person's reaction to stress. The protracted stress generally give rise to feelings of anxiety, fear, distress, loss of sense of security, self-esteem was threatened, edgy, out cold sweats, heart palpitations, dizziness, often difficult or rather difficult to eat and sleep). Severe anxiety and lasts a long time will degrade the capabilities and efficiency of the individuals in the exercise of his functions and in the end it may cause a variety of disorders of the soul.


A person's reaction to stress varies depending on:
1. the level of maturity of personality
2. education and experience of one's life

Psychological reactions that may arise in the face of stress:
1. facing directly with all their risks.
2. pull away and not know anything about the problems facing/run away from reality.
3. using a self defense mechanism.


Knowing and recognizing sources of stress.

Foster maturity of personality through education and life experience.

Developing a healthy lifestyle. Inter alia by means of: feeling enough with what it has, not in a hurry to accomplish his desire, realize the difference between wants and needs, and as


Give thanks to God for everything that happens with the remains faithful to him.

Ask for guidance to a close friend, the people are more mature, adult psychologist, spiritual people, and so on).

Avoid negative attitudes among others: rebel against the State, apathy, emotional. It does not solve the problem but instead open a new issue.

Good luck.

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