Senin, 09 Desember 2013

Right Brain is Far Abandoned

            The right brain has a completely different function with the left brain and is usually associated with emotional intelligence. Develop the right brain side of the personality, creativity, intuition, application capabilities, the ability of the stage, and art. Right brain memory is long. If there is damage, it will be an interruption in the visual and emotional abilities. Right brain regulate matters that are extra-rational or what we might refer to as intuition, which is related to beauty or art and feel the beauty that is difficult to measure quantitatively.
            Someone who is dominant right brain prefers questions that have a variety of possible answers and more like a question that used the word " why ". In addition, more like analogy, metaphor, and expression in giving explanations. More than the right brain as well to know something that is nonverbal as feelings, emotions, and consciousness with regard to feelings.
            By looking at the various functions of the right brain, right brain This should not be ignored by the world in general education emphasizes the left brain. Where the ability of the left hemisphere has been used as a measure of one's intelligence, so that led to the view that smart kids are the children able to complete school work well as evidenced by the class champion. In fact, the right brain function is essential for human life. In this regard, it should be both right and left brain we can work together and contribute to each other, so that a balanced life.

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