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Spiritual Intelligence Importance in Life

            When we talk about intelligence, the IQ and EQ is that often arise in our minds. However, the concept is an old concept that is now the experts have developed various concepts of human intelligence. Among them is a spiritual intelligence or often called the SQ. Spiritual intelligence is not necessarily related to religion. Spiritual intelligence (SQ) is the soul of wit that can help a person establish itself as a whole. SQ does not depend on the culture or values​​, but it creates the possibility to have it's own values​​, because the spiritual intelligence is intelligence that comes from the heart that makes creative when faced with personal problems, try to see the meaning contained in it, and finish it with a good in order to obtain peace and peace of mind. Spiritual intelligence makes individuals able to interpret any activities as worship, for the sake of humanity and God's beloved.
            Spiritual intelligence is a potential that should be owned by every individual, as influential in life. if an individual experiencing a spiritual emptiness so dominated by hawsu, then in the end it will be a trigger factor would ruin his life. The Quran confirms that the material-paced lifestyle is one that will cause the destruction of human experience. Humans will lose His own glory as a human being and will be mired in a cycle of lust that will always be enslaved.
            In the current era, unwittingly religious values​​, ethics, and morals began to be abandoned because it was considered outdated and unable to carry on happiness, which is replaced with the value of materialism which is considered more satisfying lust to acquire worldly pleasures. In the end, a variety of criminal acts were often happens in society is a result of spiritual emptiness itself. For instance, a teenager who can kill her simply because not allowed to see the answer when exams. In this case, the role of parents in guiding the much needed spiritual children, so the children can have a strong self-control in order not to commit fraud. In addition, the environment is also important in shaping the character of children. With the cooperation of all parties, then it will create a dream life.

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