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Amnesia mental disorder organic ( cognitive )

Amnesia is the mampuan to remember information just stored in memory patient. Information ordinary forgotten is events thriller or traumatic in life someone. Unawareness mampuan mengingatinformasi cannot be explained by forgetfulness usually, and there was no evidence brain disorders base. Causes disorder amnesia among brain damage due to substances, the condition of the brain primary having impaired, and still more.
The kinds of amnesia:
1. Amnesia global amnesia is characterized by a transient loss of a sudden the ability to recall event that just happen or to remember new information. This patient fear and tend to be more concerned about the symptoms compared to other amnesia.
2. Amnesia pascacegar is a disorder that disebabkna by the presence of amnesia for the trauma to the head. Disorder amnestik that diseebabkan by a head injury often associated with a period of traumatic amnesia retrogad before the accident and amnesia for accidents traumatic own.
3 Amnesia retrogad is amnesi characterized by an inability to recall the knowledge of previously in mind.
4. Amnesia anterograd amnesia anterograd an outgrowth memory characterized by impairment on the ability to study new information.

My opinion is indeed a person who has low, memory not only because lazy rates low, intelegensi or frequently lupa. But also caused by disruption disorder; an astringent substance that goes into the body or influence food contains a less nutritious substance. Amnesia is inability to remember that she gets new information. However, amnesiac patients can also cured in a reminiscent manner with events what he does. And that way piecemeal a person suffering from amnesia can remember her past events.

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